In the past 9 months that I have been looking for a full-time UX position, I have had the privilege of having many amazing conversations and connections with others, who share the common goal of pursuing a career in UX. Here are the top 5 most present topics that have come up in these conversations. Thank you to everyone I have shared camaraderie with, I appreciate your vulnerability.

everywhere we looked, we saw reflections.
  1. Remember that you’re a really capable human being. There is tremendous potential in all of us. Chasing after a goal is a lofty mission. Life likes to prove us wrong. Remember that you are fully capable of doing the work you strive to do. …

In efforts to be received, we conglomerate our identities to what everyone else expects, after all, it’s race.

a water color painting of a plant with blue leaves looks like the water color was blown across the page
Water by way of wind. Feb 2021

Dear Universe/Soulful Space/Home/Tomorrow,

I am writing in an effort to convince you of myself. In this case, I want to assure you that I am worthy of your trust. I sincerely care about the role I play in this lifetime, and whether it’s a brief interaction at the gas station…

Lot’s of people have chosen to participate in UX Bootcamp experiences in the past year, and I would like to share my experience, as I come to a close on the 180-day contract I signed with the school, which offered a tuition-waver if no job was offered.

a google spreadsheet showing the 237 people that I reached out to, the position, the job posting, method of contact, etc.
8 contacts, every week, for 180 days, or until a job offer is received.

I graduated from my UX Bootcamp in June. It was a 6-month, full-time immersion. It was supposed to be 3 months online and the other 3 in-person, however, as was the theme of 2020, we stayed remote. In the beginning, there were 30 students in my cohort, in the end…

The industry of Design has traversed through the landscape of creativity, became captured by capitalistic incentives and now has become imperatively impactful, and so with hope, will return to the space of creativity and imagination.

a view from above a roaring camp fire which has been built inside wooden square frames igniting.
The builder of the fire is parallel to the energy that fire creates.

I want to discuss the industry of User Experience design and the emphasis placed on these two departments of skill and experience, one being rooted in the ability to do the work and the other being about the methods and considerations around how the work is done. These factors are…

Value maps can often be thought of as additional ways to begin projects, however, I believe they ought to be used throughout the entire process to place the goals in perspective and to remember the why behind our processes.

A simple bar graph with User value on the left and Company effort on the bottom
Where is it that values come at a cost, and what’s the risk worth taking?

A Value Map takes into consideration the core of the product/service and how they measure their impact and success. By creating these, designers are forced to engage with stakeholders including those within the client/company and also with the audience/users. It is the job of the designer to listen, synthesize, and…

The US is currently suffering from a global pandemic, economic collapse, unemployment, political polarization, social unrest, and racial equality, to name a few. At the same time, there are more budding UX Designers looking for work than ever before. I would argue that faulty and inconsiderate design has gotten us into this mess and that empathetic, human-centered design could get us through. We must start with our own industry.

The sun rises out of the ocean, it looks like a pink peach appearing out of the dark-velvety-blue, calm ocean.
When ideating, it’s important to remember: we’re on a planet, floating through space.

As I have been describing in previous posts, understanding the complexities of research is critical when problem-solving, in order to develop useful and robust tools. With that in mind, I will share 5 ideas I came up with for possible solutions to the UX job market crisis, as a way…

As designers, it is part of our job to solve problems, but it is imperative to do the groundwork around understanding the complexity of problems before we go on assuming solutions.

a view from above a very tall and architecturally precise church in Prague
The view from above. (Oct 2019; Prague)

To be able to recognize how design has gotten us into this systemic mess, may offer insight into how to get us out of it, or at least, through it. Taking accountability is the beginning of a long and important process of recognizing history and doing our best to heal…

There are seemingly more and more options for design tools as we continue to navigate the ever-changing tides of society. Technology continues to strive, humans continue to innovate, and information continues to be distributed. Today I am going to talk about a design tool that is trying to improve the process of co-creation with the capability for rapid iteration through synchronized prototyping and testing.

It is a concentrated market to enter, and yet, there is always room for improvement, especially as the world adjusts to working remotely up to 100% of the time. …

Let us first attempt to understand the problems faced before assuming a fix. The User Experience Industry is being pressured to reflect all the tools used for clients, onto the field itself, in order to find a way to connect the surplus of talent with the desperate need for the work. As of now we have broken systems, in dire need of a UX overhaul, or at least revision, and with pools of new and seasoned UX designers collecting with nowhere to go, there is a huge missed opportunity happening.

A close up shot of the gap between two large, flat slabs of rock with lichen growing on them, amidst a forest.
The space in between. May 2020.

My experience of job searching since I graduated from my UX Bootcamp 6 months ago has been anything but fruitful. I have not made headway in any direction, and as an avid problem-solver, I have tried many directions. What I have done, is observed as the industry of UX has…

Lylo Sy Trotta

User Experience Designer | Human-Centered | Service-oriented |

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