The necessity of tragedy

The nature of love and how it can heal us through transmuting our pain.

Being human could almost be viewed as a disaster in trial and error. We have lost so much of our connection to magic and empathy. Our ancestors are rolling in their graves, less the ones that had the chance at a burial. The human species has forgotten.

We are made up of love.

I believe I am not alone, as the year 2020 has been a particularly hard-hitter…when I say that sometimes I have a hard time finding hope. Yet, in my experience of defeat, there is often more to the complexity of that feeling. Eventually, through the process of releasing the grip on the fight of holding on, there exists a time of spatial flux that imitates anti-gravity. A moment of suspension when the seemingly basic and physical reality of situations becomes contrasted by the complex depths to which we feel. Often at some point, in some way or another, we surrender, either to ourselves or the pain we feel. Surrender often leads to acceptance which often looks like a retelling of a story.

And then just like that, the sun rises.

What about my loss? How does one grieve when the world never stops turning? Until the next catastrophe. Unfortunately, the human species was founded on the grounds of tragedy and so somewhere in our twisted up DNA, there is this groundbreaking actualization, that we often discover through the experience of tragedy. Resilience is innate. It’s the systems we have been bred unto that have made us forget our true nature and the power of love.

Greif is just the feeling of love moving through the body, narrated by the mind.

As with most things, we have a choice in our reaction. Although it may be difficult, although it may require constant practice; we do have the potential to rewrite the story, to reclaim the voice of the narrator of our pain. If we lean into the feeling and allow it to move (through) us, without creating a story of powerlessness, we can access a new perspective. One which may be helpful in our coping, to ease the burden of doubt and the weightedness of loneliness. A perspective that carries with it the reclamation of power over our minds. By harnessing our energy, not from pain, but from Love, we are able to receive the opportunity to let go of the ego-centric rootedness of physical reality and occupy a space that extends way beyond our eye’s ability to see. By allowing the feelings to move through our bodies accepting them, nourishing them, and releasing them, we are able to witness the capacity of love to heal.

Grief operates in strange ways and is very unique to the individual. In the current state of the world, it is normal to feel an underlying sense of grief perpetually. Therefore, it may be in our best interest to learn how to dance with the feeling, all the while creating new ways to cope and carry on.

We are all, in our own way, being asked to dig a little deeper right now. What does it look like to remember that most of us simply want to love and be loved? There is so much pain, tragedy, and corruption on every level of human existence, however, there is also a tremendous possibility for consciousness to reimagine itself as connected and shared if only we can learn the lessons being beckoned. Lean into that which arises and invite Love into your story.

I wish you grit and faith in your endeavors.

User Experience Designer | Human-Centered | Service-oriented |

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Lylo Sy Trotta

Lylo Sy Trotta

User Experience Designer | Human-Centered | Service-oriented |

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